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Travelling Towards Martin

If you decide to explore the surroundings of Žilina towards Martin, you will be crossing the valley of Strečnianska úžina. The river Váh meanders all along the ravine and two castles overlook the valley from above. We recommend a cruise on a traditional raft through the Strečnianska úžina ravine, entertained by tales and parts of history as told by the Strečnian raft-men.

The medieval stone castle originated at the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries. In 1970, the castle was declared a national cultural monument. The exhibition presents the prehistory and history of Strečno castle and the surrounding region. In the crypt of the castle, there is a clay copy of the mummy of Countess Žofia Bosniaková, the most famous inhabitant of the castle.

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